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first kill


There is an Unholy Trinity of close quarters combat.

1 -  Know you will win no matter what. This is The Father.

2 -  Know the body’s Kill Points. This is The Son.

3 -  Precisely strike them with a fluid, powerful motion that transmits the hit’s energy and delivers maximum damage.

This is The Holy Shit.

Kill first,
Jean Vilain

Kill Points
So many ways to kill a man. So little time.
Kill First.– Jean Vilain

Kill Points

So many ways to kill a man. So little time.

Kill First.

– Jean Vilain

360 split kick

Ask anyone who is STILL LIVING that has ever known me and they will tell you: This is one of the things I am known for. This combat move.

This 360 Kick is the most elegant maneuver in my corporal arsenal. Conversely, it holds the direst of consequences for my opponent. Every time, it seems to surprise them with my spin of apparent retreat, but finishes in a way they don’t see until it is too late. It is a fight move I use at least once every fight… as the last move of every fight.